Sri Wickrama / ශ්‍රී වික්‍රම
[ Colour Digital ]
Film No : 1372
Released Date : 2023-11-10
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Based on the last king of Sri Lanka

Sri Wickrama / ශ්‍රී වික්‍රම
Film No : 1372
Released Date : 2023-11-10
Colorimeter : Colour
Video Format : Digital
Category :
Duration : 140 min
Company : Vendol Media Network
Main Actor : Akila Dhanuddhara
Main Actress : Chulakshi Ranathunga
Director : Mohan Niyaz
Producer : Gihan Godakanda



After the demise of the king Rajadhi Rajsinghe the year 1798, young prince Kannsami was crowned as Sriwickrama Rajasinghe with the influence of primeminister Pilimatalauv Maha    Adhigharam.Pilimatalauve Maha Adhigharam wanted to elect a king from upcountry Sinhalese Nobel, but the prevailing system did not allow him to do so. Therefore Pilimatalauve Adhikaram conspired to arrest the actual heir to the throne, Muttasami and to crown prince Kannasami as king. Kaannasami was an offspring of Pilamatalauve and Rajadhi Rajasinghe’s Queen’s sister, by an illicit affair. Pilimatalauve’s ambission was fulfilled after crowning his own son Kannasami as king.
But Pilimatalauves expectation rule the upcountry by himself collapses soon, when Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe taking the side of his mother’s clan,the Nayakkar clan. Dissapoinjted Pilimatalauve approached the English governor Fedrick North, to get help to overthrow King Sriwickrama Rajasinghe form the throne. After the refusal of Fedrick North, Pilimatalauve conspires to kill the king. The attempt was unsuccessful and the king finds out Pilimatalauve’s intention and pardons him for the first time. In order to win the kings mind Pilimatalauve secretly influence the British  rulers to attack thre Kandyan Kingdom,but Pilimatalauve who was well Pre-organized defeats the English army.This incident makes the king more confident about Pilimatalauve.
Nayyakkar clan takes precautions to prevent any haram from the Kandyan nobels to King Sriwickrama, and bring a Queen for him from Madhurapurai in India. This saddens Pilimatalauve Adhikaram because he had already given in marriage to the king, his own daughter.  Frustrated, Pilimatalauve attempts to kill the again, this attempt too was unsuccessful. His henchman was caught on the spot by the guards. Following this the king orders Pilimatalauve to be executed.
Ehelapola Adhigaram, a close relative of Pilimatalauve was appointed as the priminister or chief Adhigharam, and he was sent to Uva-Wellasa to control the uprising of the people against the King. Ehelapola Mahaahikaram was more ambitious to be the king of Upcountry. He uses this opportunity to organize himself as the king. Sriwickrama who comes to know about this, orders Eheleapola to arrive to the Kandyan Kingdom immediately. But fearing execution by the king, he flees to the English fort. By Eheleapola not adhering to the king’s orders, the king falls to a state of disgrace and angrily order Eheleapola’s wife Eheleapola Kumarihami to be killed. This incident make the king unpopular among thw Kandyan people. Eheleapola with the help of Molligoda and a few other Kandyan Nobles Marches to the Kandyan Kingdom to capture it in the year 1815, and captured the king alive. He was sent to Vellure in India in 1816 and kept as prisoner till his death.
After capture of the Kandyan kingdom by the English,Ehelapola Adhigharam was not crowned as king of upcountry as promised by the English. Disappointed Eheleapola plays a silent role for few months. Meanwhile, Sinhalaes folk were unhappy about the rule of the English.Veddhas of Uva-Wellasa begin to retaliate by not paying taxes and attacking the English army. To control the situation, Monarawilla Keppetipola was appointed as the government agent of Badulla, and was sent with a battalion. He, turns against the English and supports the Rebellion, this strengthens the rebellion, and spreads rapidly. With the help of Monarawila Keppitipola, a fake king, Dorraisami is crowned as the king and Monarawilla Keppitipola was appointed as the prime minister, but the English government adopted a destructive policy and finally suppressed the rebellion and leaders were caught. The forged king, Doraisami and Monarawila Keppitipola were among them.Later Monarawila Keppitipola was executed along Two Hundred other leaders.

Chulakshi Ranathunga
As Queen Consort
Sriyantha Mendis
As Pilimatalawe Maha Adikaram
Shyam Fernando
As Keppetipola Disawe
Roshan Pilapitiya
As Ehelepola Nilame
Sugath Janaka
As Palipana
Shalika Edirisinghe
As Venakatha Jammal
Aruna Rupasinghe
As Ekneligoda Nilame
Vathika Ravinath
As Madugalle Nilame
Jagath Epaladeniya
As Arawwala Nilame
Richard Monde
As Robert Brownrig
Gavin Anthony Ludowyke
As Sir John D Oyly

Mohan Niyaz
Sajitha Weerapperuma
Make-up Artists
Priyanka Rathnayake
Music Director
Dinesh Subasinghe
Fight Director
Aruna Rupasinghe
Background Music
Farhan Shan


Assistant Director
Dhananjaya Manchanayake
Production Coordinator
Aruna Rupasinghe
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